Download Linkstore to Install App Store Paid Apps for Free

In iOS you will have a plethora of apps to choose from, and to download them, Linkstore is your perfect companion which allows to install App Store paid apps for free. Many of these apps can in fact change the way you use your device forever, but if you hurry in a app-shopping spree, it may hurt your pocket just as much.
Just think of how much money you’d have to spend to use every single thing in the App Store that you found useful. Probably more than you’d be willing to.
Luckily, there are other ways to get apps installed on you iPhone or iPad other than purchasing them straight from the App Store, and despite what Apple may say, they can be just as safe. Linkstore is one of these examples.
How does it work?Unlike other options as Cydia, Linkstore is not an alternative marketplace. Instead of that, what it does is working within the App Store. Once you find an app that you like in the App Store with will show you the same old button to install it, with its price on it, but with Linkstore installed on your device you will also show two buttons that will allow you to download it for free.
How do I get it?
Add This Source Cydia: hackyouriPhone

In an unexpected twist, even when Linkstore is an alternative to Cydia itself, you will need to use Cydia to install it. That means, of course, that your device needs to be jailbroken. If you are not a jailbreaking master (yet) you don’t have to worry, this process has only become more reliable and easier to perform with time. You can go for a quick search about tools like evasi0n7 or Redsn0w to get your iOS device jailbroken, and if you got it already then this will be plain simple:
Go to Cydia and open the Search section at the right bottom corner. In here, all you have to do is look for “Linkstore” and install it.
Remember that you need to install apps from Cydia you need to have added sources already. If you haven’t, just tap on More Package Sources on Cydia’s main screen and paste in “”. This is not the only source from which you can get Linkstorm, so you can look from others, if you prefer.
Important: Remember that you also need AppSync running in order for Linkstore to work. So before you attempt to download apps for free, make sure AppSync has been correctly installed on your device.
Now all you need to do is opening the App Store as you’d normally do. Search for any app and open it. After this you will see the typical install button, but now you will see two more buttons: Auto LinkStore and LinkStore, when you tap any of them, you will be able to install any application for free. But, what’s the point to two different buttons, you may ask.
The Auto LinkStore option will download the application automatically for you without having to mind about anything else, while the LinkStore button will prompt you to choose the source where you want to download your application from, just in case that you want to keep control over everything.
Still, with any of the two options the installation will begin as it does with any other app, and once it’s done, you’ll be able to enjoy your new full-featured apps for free!

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