How to Add hackyouriPhone Repo to Cydia

HackYouriPhone or HYI repo an cydia repository infamous for myriad of tweaks, hacks and applications made available by it and this write up follows up on many of these applications for and to add hackyouriPhone repo to Cydia on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Cydia has been known for providing one of the largest open source platforms for distribution of cracked applications on a jail broken idevice and hackyouriPhone is one of the Italian repositories that facilitate it in this process.
There are numerous applications, tweaks, mods, ringtones etc. in store in this must have repo. Some of these apps are mentioned below with brief explanations regarding their functionality.
Cydia apps in hackyouriPhone repo:
Barrel: This hack allows you to add graphical affects to your home screen. You can choose from 18 different shades like carasoul, flippy, cube (inside), page fade etc. Various new modes are being made available to choose from day after day.
Eclipse: If you are bored with theiPhone’s white background and want to change to classy black this is the tweak for you. It allows system wide night mode with various customizable features and an easy switch between light and dark mode among other things.
Bio lockdown: This is one of the features that take into account the fingerprinting option of the iPhones introduced in recent. This helps secure you data in a way only you can open it.
Controller of all: This application provides gaming console for your PS3 controller for many PS3 games, meaning you can play Play Station on you iPhone or iPad.
Apart from these there are many other hacks and tweaks that can make you idevice exciting and easy to use like biteSMS, CleverPin, Color Profiles, NotiPad, AppFront, Springtomize 2, AnyLock, FolderEnhancer, Chrome Download Enabler, Barrel, iBlacklist, Dashboard X, NotesEnhancer, Quasar, PaperLock, Mountain Center,Quick Reply for WhatsApp etc.
Now moving on to how to add this mind blowing repo to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Well the first and foremost requirement is to have a jail broken iPhone with cydia application installed over it. Once this is done you can follow the steps mentioned below and add to your device the one repository you must have.

Steps to add hackyouriPhone repo

1. LAUNCH CYDIA: For the first step you need to launch or open cydia by clicking on an open box icon from the screen and once the it is open you can follow through to the next step.
2. MANAGE: In this step you have to tap on manage icon at the bottom most bar of the screen, shown by an open book icon.
3. SELECT SOURCES: From among the list of the managing options you need to select the sources option tapping on which will lead you into another menu with the list of the sources that are already present.
4. EDIT: At the top right corner of this sources menu there is edit tab, tapping on it will help adding a new source repository to the list.
5. ADD: On the top left corner of the new screen there is finally the add tab clicking on which will lead to a message pop up asking to type the url for the new repo which is and once it is done press the Add Source and finally assert to any warning that comes up.
Now your hackyouriPhone repo has been installed and you can use it install various tweaks and hacks that are listed above and many more.

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