How to Download Free Apps With iFunBox

iFunBox has come as a savior to many iPhone users who had been dealt a severe blow with the exit of Installous. A majority of these users kept on wondering what other alternatives were available to help them install cracked applications on their iDevices. Little did they realize that iFunBox was the container that placed delicious foods on their table.
Unlike the other apps, iFunBox is available to all iDevice users with jailbroken gadgets. It is also available as a desktop based application that enables device owners to install IPA files by connecting their devices with their PCs.
The process is usually fast and has very minimal if any failure rate. What is needed is sufficient internet connectivity and power. Downloading Free Apps with iFunBox As mentioned, iFunBox is an application that is fast installed on the desktop through which cracked applications can be installed on the iDevice.
For you to be able to install these applications, you must first of all jailbreak your device so as to remove any limitations and barriers that apple could have placed on your device. This will open it up for installation of third party applications that will customize it.
Once the jailbreaking process is successful, you have to install Cydia. This is the app store that will hold the sources that contain the apps, games, tweaks and themes that you ant to install. After the installation of Cydia, remember to install AppSync.
This application helps you in updating apps without having to uninstall and reinstall them. You can download AppSync directly from Cydia through the search box.
After the installation of Cydia and AppSync, you now can install iFunBox. There is a link that is applicable to both Windows and Mac users. The only difference between iFunBox for Windows and that for Mac is their file extensions. Windows come with an executable file .exe and Mac comes with a .dmg file extension. iPhone and iPad have iFileExpress with extension.ipa.
After a successful installation of iFunBox, you can now connect your computer with your jailbroken iDevice. From your desktop, you can launch the iFunBox and wait for it to detect the device that you have plugged in on the other end. The moment the device is located, you can select it right from the panel on the left.

Remember the work of the iFunBox is to help you install cracked applications on your iOS device. This means that you will have to download a cracked IPA file to your Mac or PC and send this file to the iOS device. The moment you have the IPA file on your PC, you can click on them green icon to install the app. After this, you will wait for a few seconds for the PC’s software to run the iFunBox installation automatically.
There are lots of exciting features on iFunBox that you can explore. You can copy files, videos, photos or music between your PC and the mobile device. The good thing about it is that it comes free of charge.

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