iForgot – Bypass Apple ID Activation Lock for iCloud

Raise your hand whoever has never forgotten a password. Impossible. Whether you use simple passwords for each one of your services or the same password for all of them, there has been a time when minds go blank and poof! -Password has been forgotten.
And honestly, if this was not so common, Apple would not have come up with iForgot (or any website that requires passwords, for that matter). But besides this inconvenience, it can always get worse. You could for example, get your cellphone lost or stolen.
It is something we just cannot control. There is always the chance of misplacing your cellphone somewhere in your house or outside of it or even worse! someone could just decide they want your phone and steal it. Neither one of those is good but Apple knows about this and introduced Find My iPhone since iOS 7.
You can activate this feature when you lose your phone or it is stolen and it will immediately prevent anyone else from trying to use it and reach to your information. In fact, you could even wipe your iPhone after activating the lock but they still will not be able to use it.

If what happened was that you misplaced your phone and found it a couple days later but you had already activated the lock, do not worry. You can still get it all back. This activation lock is linked to your iCloud account, therefore you will be asked to enter a four digit pin that you have previously set up and then you will be able to use your phone as if nothing happened. But yes, there is always a possibility that you forget that pin, so in that case, there are a couple things you could try.
iForgot Apple ID, Apple iForgot iCloud, Reset your password… sounds familiar, right? Well, everyone is quite familiar to this retrieving password process by now (and not just with Apple services). With iCloud it is not really different from what we are already used to. You can easily bypass the activation lock on iCloud by resetting your Apple ID password or by going through iForgot Apple ID.
Both of these are great methods and they work very similar. Tap on them, enter the required information (security questions, rescue e-mail address, enter new security questions or password, depending on which one you are doing) and that is it! But keep in mind that this will work on iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S; iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 2 & iPad 4.
There are a few tricks posted online that you probably will be tempted to try in order to bypass the activation lock for iCloud but you should keep in mind that those tricks do not necessarily work properly at first and some of them may not even allow you full usage of the phone.
Also, there is some software around that might help you get rid of the iCloud account for good, but do not get cocky, they will not work if the iPhone is reported as stolen.

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